This web development learning becomes deliciously messy very quickly. I see now why there are warnings not to go down the rabbit hole, because it’s all too easy to do. I’m now focusing my learning on three different sites (Khan Academy, freeCodeCamp, and W3Schools) and reading the “HTML & CSS” book by Jon Duckett at the same time. I can’t seem to get enough. I’m not sure how that happened, either, because I’ve dabbled in web development on a personal level for several years, but never really took it in a specific direction. It’s not like this is something new that I just recently discovered, but suddenly it’s incredibly exciting again.

Now that I’ve decided to pursue web development on a more official level (so that I can point at what I had originally intended to be one source and say I finished that), I find myself exploring all sorts of avenues to the same goal. That doesn’t seem to be a bad approach, either. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and although some of what they teach overlaps, each presents some information the other doesn’t, or presents the same information in a different way. All of that ends up being a positive experience that’s giving me some great, solid information to add to the chaotic collection I had previously stashed inside my head (among other locations, because who could possibly get along without notes?).

Today I reached the Tribute page assignment on freeCodeCamp. This is something I’d like to ponder and approach in just the right way. I’m thinking it would be interesting to write the same page using standard HTML and CSS (roll your own code), write it again using Bootstrap, and write it again using jQuery. The tribute could, perhaps, be to the exploration of code, which seems to be the main ingredient common to those of us who are drawn to code like moths to flame. It would also showcase what I’ve learned from freeCodeCamp so far. This is all still just in the planning stages and must continue to percolate before I begin.

Hot on the heels of the Tribute page will be the portfolio, which is the very next assignment. Since I see that that’s coming and I plan on at least linking to it on GitHub, I figured it might be time to also look into the best way to do a blog, since keeping the Khan Academy blog will become awkward as time goes by with all the information on one page. Besides, it can’t hurt to have some WordPress experience in the web development industry.


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