Khan Academy gave me the project assignment to create a web page with my favorite recipes. The goal was to use a table of contents, internal links, tables, lists, paragraphs (optional), and links (if needed), and then style it with simple CSS selectors and colors.

A site-restricted Google search of WikiPedia images was offered as an alternative to their rather limited internal image selector, but I wasn’t able to get the interface to accept the site-restricted images without the Oh noes! guy popping up, so I had to restrict my recipes to ones that would work with the limited selection of images. Once again, that was quite challenging. It would have been much easier if I’d had more images to choose from. I was only able to come up with two recipes that fit the available images, and needed three. What to do? I decided to add a recipe for a web page instead. So far nobody has contacted me to say I need to redo it, so so far so good.

On the same day, Khan Academy gave me the project assignment to document my code learning journey, with updates on what I’ve learned and made, suggesting that this could be considered an ongoing thing. Once again, I wrote it using only basic code from what I had learned on Khan Academy so far, so it’s structured as a single web page without any fancy structure to it.


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